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Vini Rossi Al Bicchiere
(Red Wines by the Glass)
Please note that every attempt is made to keep prices current, but please check with the restaurant for updates or questions.

House Red - Rosso (Vendemmia)
6.00 24.00

Bold and smooth with hints of berry.

Pinot Noir
7.50 30.00

Kris (Veneto) Flavors of red and black fruits, followed by subtle earthiness and well framed tannins.

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 7.50 30.00

Fratelli Cozza (Abruzzo) Medium bodied, black cherry and plum with hints of dry herbs and violet color.

Chianti DOCG
7.50 30.00

Palladio (Toscana) Aromas of black cherry and blueberry with undertones of tobacco and black pepper. On the palate, fresh and easygoing with soft tannins.

Red Blend
8.00 34.00

Nespolino (Romagna), Sangiovese Merlot blend. Dark plum flavors with hints of berries and chocolate with a well balanced soft finish.

8.50 34.00

Villa Corbinelli (Tuscany) Flavors of blackberry, current and herry balanced with oak and spice.

8.50 34.00

Cantina (Puglia) Intense ruby red color with slightly smokey notes on the nose, medium bodied with soft tannins and a finish of deep cherry.

Cabernet Sauvignon
9.00 36.00

Royal Oaks Ranch (California) Smooth easy tannins with notes of berries and oak.

9.00 36.00

Cantele (Salento) Full body with complex flavors of prune, licorice, fig and cacao. Rich and sweet on the front with a long dry finish.

9.00 36.00

Zenato (Veneto) Aromas of wild berries, black current, black cherry and spices with hints of chocolate. On the palate the wine is dry and robust with velvety texture.

9.50 38.00

Flume (Columbia Valley) Velvety smooth and persistant, with hints of wild berries, black pepper and balsamic.

Nero D'Avola Alcesti
9.50 38.00

(Sicily) Aromas of red berry fruits, vanilla and spice. Rich and persistent on the palate with a pleasant freshness.

Chianti Classico DOCG
 10.50  42.00

Pietre Nere (Toscana) Forest berries, dried plum, spice and leather, well balanced acidity with a persistent finish.


Vini Bianchi Al Bicchiere
(White Wines by the Glass)

  Glass Bottle
Pinot Grigio
6.50 26.00

Riff (Venezie) Crisp apple flavors and hints of mineral linger on the palate. Nice acidy to this well-balance wine.

Rose Wine Washington
6.50 26.00

Drier with lower residual sugar than most clush wines, our White Zin drinks like a quality rose.

6.50 26.00

Disruption (Mattawa WA) Bright and fruity with beautiful aromas of citrus and apple blossom.

Sauvignon Blanc
7.50 30.00

Wither Hills (New Zealand) Bright crisp and clear, with hints of citrus and guava combined with sea salt.

Gravina Botromagno Puglia
8.00 36.00

Bouquet of fresh flowers and fresh fruit. On the palate it is dry and delicate with elegant flavors.

Trebbiano Chardonnay
8.00 36.00

Nespolino 70%, Trebbiano 30%, Chardonnay Citrus notes or the Tribbiano are blended with the riper tropical fruit of the Chardonnay.


Split $10.00


Zardetto (Veneto) Lemon yellow color with elegant bubbles. The palate is comprised of citrus, orange blossoms and stone fruit, citrus and floral notes linger on the finish.




Garfoli (Marche) Refreshing citrus fruits, playful acidity and minerality. The wine uses slightly late harvest grapes to give it more body and lengevity.

Moscato D' Asti

3.75 ml $19.50


Marchesi Di Gresy (Piemonth) Fresh and fruity with notes of peach and sage, slightly sparkling the acidity matches very well with the sugar. Pleasant drinkability.

Malvasia    45.00

Made in the home region of chef Michele, this wine is mineral rich and very tasty, trust us!



Vini Rossi a Bottiglia
(Red Wines by Bottle)

Aglianico Del Vulture

Terra Di Volcano (Bisceglia) From Michele's home town, this wine has notes of spicy cherry blackberry and figs, with great body and soft lintering tannins.




Chiarli Enrico Cialdini (Emilia Romagna) Sweet sparkling red wine with lovely blackberry and raspberry fruit on the palate.

Merlot 50.00

Colutta Merlot (Friuli) Deep ruby red in color with aromas of blackberry, tobacco and vanilla which carry through into a lingering finish. Full bodied and velvety.

Chianti Ruffina 50.00

Selvapiana (Toscana) Linear, crisp red with stone, blackberry and fresh-herb aromas and flavors. Medium to light body. Firm tannins and firm finish.

Biferno Rosso Riserva

Cantina Tombacco (Molise) Cantina Tombacco (Molise) Blend of 80% montepilciano with 20% Aglianico D.O.C.

Delcetto D'Alba 55.00

Vietti (Piemonte) Purple red color, black cherry, raspberry and blueberry aromas. This medium bodied red has soft tannins, moderate acidity and good balance.

Barbera D'Asti

Vietti (Piemonte) Generous fruit with spices and hard candy, showing notable intensity while retaining an essentially mid-weight style.

Red Blend 60.00

Lodmell Cellars (Columbia Valley WA) This brilliant blend has great balance and nuance light herbal tones, dried cherry, cassis and subtle oak with soft tannins.

Chianti Classico Riserva

La Verita' (Toscano) A full complex bouquet with strong notes of ripe fruit, vanilla and balsamic with an elegant and lingering aftertaste.


Daniele Conterno (Piemonte) Fine grain tannins and lively acidity with rich flavors evolve into a sumptuously long finish.


(Piemonte) A palate of black cherry jam, expresso and licorice thyme and orange zest. Closed grained tannins and vibrant acidity. Dry finish.

Brunello Di Montalcino 120.00

Camigliano (Toscana) A wealth of fruit yet the wine remains fresh and vivid with blueberry and black cherry character. Full body, integrated tannins and flavorful finish.

Amarone Valpolicella 120.00

(Veneto) Smoky cherry, dried fruits with a touch of herbal and earthy character. Rich with a big mouth feel.

Barolo 120.00

Riverdito (Piemonte) Dark cherry, plum, spice, leather and tobacco lead into the gracious finish. Soft contours lead into the wines inviting personality.

Colutta Pignolo (Friuli) Italy

Full body, dry, made in small batches with the number on the bottle.

Amarone Valpolicella Riserva 200.00

Zenato (Veneto) Deep ruby red it develops into a garnet red; extremely intense, spicy dried fruit bouquet, full flavored, well structured, a truly magnificent wine. 


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